Trustee - John Rigby


With Chris, I have been a supporter of Heart Link for some thirty years and over the first ten years our youngest daughter seemed to be constantly admitted to hospital.  It was then I began to appreciate all the facilities provided by Heart Link.  With two young children and the rest of our family living ninety miles away it was difficult to commit ourselves to Heart Link on a regular basis especially as our daughter needed a lot of care.


However after two major operations inside 24 hours our daughter’s condition deteriorated and she had to have ECMO support which then was very much in its infancy.  Apart from paying the initial costs of introducing ECMO to Britain we were told that Heart Link was still making a regular financial contribution to the running costs.


At that stage I knew I had to put something back to an organisation that had made such a valuable contribution to my daughter’s health.


Over the years I have been involved in many aspects of the Charity’s work, but these days I am mostly involved in supporting Chris in her secretarial duties and attending the Ward to help with the Friday Coffee Evenings.